Newhall Terms and Conditions


• A course of lessons will be run in conjunction with the school term dates (each block could therefore be a different amount of weeks) with payment for the next block being due during the last 2 weeks.
• Parents are welcome on poolside to watch the lesson as long they remove their shoes, however if the teacher believes that your child will swim better without your presence they will ask you to wait in the changing room area.
• To ensure pupils receive the teachers fullest attention, parents are requested not to distract the teacher or to approach the child during the lesson.
• We reserve the right to cancel any lesson without prior warning and at short notice, should this happen the cost of this lesson will be taken off the price of your next block.
• Refunds will not be given for non-attendance, holidays etc, however individual situations that are covered by a doctors note (e.g. broken limbs, operations) will be considered and the missed weeks may be carried over to the next block.
• Children are expected to behave in an appropriate manner ensuring non-disruption of the class. The teacher has the right to request that a child be removed from pool.
• Children aged 8 and over must use the appropriate changing rooms for their gender and not that of the parent present. Children under 8 are allowed to go in the changing room with whichever parent is present. Aquanauts swim school is not responsible for the children whilst in the changing room or toilets.
• Pupils and parents are asked to respect both our staff and the staff of the leisure centre/venue being used. Anybody found to be threatening or verbally abusing our staff will be asked to leave the premises.
• For ½ hour lessons parents should remain on poolside or in the changing rooms, for 1 hour lessons children may be left and collected at the end provided that the parent comes onto poolside with their child and then leaves. Should your child need the toilet during the lesson they will be allowed to go by themselves, but we are not responsible for them while in the changing room. Please ensure we have up to date contact details.
• No photography or videoing is allowed during our swimming lessons
• Property left in the changing rooms or anywhere else at the venue is left at your own risk and we cannot accept responsibility for anything lost or stolen.
• All jewellery should be removed before entering the pool.
• Appropriate swim wear should be worn at all times i.e. one piece costume for girls (not bikinis) and normal swim shorts for boys.

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